Creativity as personal development

Creativity and personal development

Personal review about creativity

I engage in my creative project one year ago and the first thought about this year is: wow! Ok, that’s not very in-depth answer, but it’s a good resume! Wow, because when I look back to this year, the many things I learned amaze me. Of course, there are the technical aspects of the learning. One year ago, I didn’t know anything on Illustrator, for example. I had no idea how to create a repeat pattern; I even didn’t know that it was possible to create one! But the most important wow aspect is the personal development in which I engaged since then. I learned to choose, to set goals, to work toward them, and to divide them in doable tasks, to practice daily, to show up, to engage with people, not to give up when things are not easy and fast, to be kind with myself, to persevere day after day. I also learned to follow my gut, my intuitions, my curiosities and to trust them. To trust the process and to realize that, yes, even when you think you’re going nowhere, something happens. I gained confidence in my ability to learn, to progress and to try new things. I learned to overcome fears (I’m not fearless, but fears don’t prevent me from engaging in my work), to manage frustration, failures and not to be stopped by them. I learned to imagine new paths and to get excited by them. I realized that, yes, it’s a lot of works and dedication, but if not, what else? Seriously? I need to work toward a goal; my mind needs it. If not, my mind went wrong, thinks in a destructive way. So I better have to challenge it toward something exciting and constructive. And creativity is MY thing. It’s not always glamorous, sexy and fun, but it’s what I want to do, it’s the way I want to live my life. Because, by living that life, my soul is filled with wonder and it’s everything, it’s enough! And I feel so fortunate to dedicate myself to this.

I learned, but I’m still learning. In fact, I will learn my lifelong and this is so exciting! This is what I’m looking for; this is my purpose in life.



To go further : my Bible on creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”.

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