Let’s see what happen!


I’m working in my sketchbook these last weeks and… I love that! Since the beginning of the year, I worked mainly digital, learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, fan of Bezier curves… but gradually, I needed something else, I needed paper, pencil, ink and pen. More, I needed to play and experiment again, to do something not goal oriented, just for the fun of doing it, for the process. And I decided to follow my gut and, in a way, to give myself some spare time, to make some space for “something else”, without any goal. It looks like vacations… and wow, what a good feeling! I probably couldn’t do this one year ago… It was too much out of my comfort zone, to scary, but now, that’s ok.

In the same time, Sketchbook Skool was about to start a new course and I jumped into it! It was exactly what I needed. It gives me a spark of inspiration and a playful approach in my sketchbook, new techniques also.

If you never followed a course at Sketchbook Skool, I can’t encourage more to give it a try. It’s fun and very well done, with many teachers from around the world.

Of course, as often in such situation, I came to hear about another course given by Cat Bennett and I couldn’t resist to it… you know, when your heart beats faster? I wanted to play, to play with lines and shapes. Of course, you can do it all by yourself, but it’s so encouraging and reassuring to do it with Cat! She’s such a sweet teacher!

Cat Bennett

So I signed up too… And I admit that was a good choice. It gives me a structure and landmarks in my week and in my work. Because, yes, it may be daunting and quite crippling when you’re alone in front of your blank page. It helps me to have assignments and “homework”. You see: out of my comfort zone, but not too much!

The challenging while experimenting is to keep the monkey in your head as far as possible, in order to be ok with “not very good results” and not to fall in the trap of “my drawing sucks, I suck!”. It isn’t always easy, but I’m learning! If you’ve got the same problem in your practice (and I’m quite sure you have!), read Danny Gregory’s last book on the subject: “Shut Down Your Monkey, How To Control Your Inner Critic And Get More Done”. It’s very interesting and very liberating at the same time and makes us realize that we are all in the same boat. It’s not because you think you suck, that it’s true anyway and it’s not because it’s hard that you have a problem. The monkey who is the more challenging for me, it’s the one who asks: “what’s the point?”. It isn’t a surprise for a type A like me, is it? I need a goal, a reason… I think you’ve got it! But, the fact was that everything in me craves after such a break, such a recreation. So I figure out to answer to this monkey that kind of answer: “It’s ok, you don’t have to worry, this is only a vacation, I need and deserve one and I will come “back to real work” in a few weeks. See this as if I’m giving myself a beautiful present, a time one. I offer myself a break”. And these words, miraculously, are working quite well! This monkey calmed enough down, so I could go on with my explorations.


At that stage, what I learned is that: things doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and more than ever, I realized that the journey is far more important than the destination. I really enjoy to play and try new techniques, new approaches. I sometimes have the feeling I could do that forever and that it would be enough! Why not? I will see what happens. And this could be my actual mantra: let’s see what happen.

I take the opportunity of this post to tell you that, since now, I won’t publish posts on a weekly base. It remains important to me to keep this blog as a place to share my works and other subjects that mean something for me, but I no longer want it on a very regular basis. So, if you wish to be warned when I publish something new, I suggest you to subscribe to my newsletter. I won’t spam you, I promise! Another suggestion is to follow me on Instagram where I usually publish a picture on a daily base.

Thank you for your support and… to be there! Mireille

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