Currently : Screenprinting, my new Obsession!

First Screenprint
As you may have noticed on my Instagram’s feed or in my recent posts, I’m currently obsessed with screenprinting. When I say obsessed, I mean obsessed by everything about this technique : the materials, , the “How to-what to draw-how to represent it”. I started a class three weeks ago and I’m still completely excited and almost unable to think about something else! And, I must confess, I also feel a bit overwhelmed at that stage! But that’s ok, part of the process.
Apron outfit

my favorite outfit right now!

So, in a nutshell, currently :
  • I’m planning to reorganize my studio with a space devoted to screen printing and to buy everything I need to practice it… but it’s quite expensive and I have to pace myself.
  • I neglect : everything else… my drawings, this blog, even Instagram and cooking!
  • I’m watching every video on Creativebug with Hilary Williams, but also some other classes on Skillshare.
  • I’m reading Print Collective and Print Workshop

My hanging way

So these are my obsessions right now! I will let you know how it will evolve…
Screenprinting is a printing technique and if you’re interested, I can’t encourage you more to follow the Hilary William’s class on Creativebug. You will find in this class everything you need to start. Hope it will inspire some of you…
(And you can see a little bit of the process in this video, here!)


and this is a view in my Screenprinting elass

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