How an artwork is created

Beautiful year to everyone!

To start the year, I wanted to show you once for a bit of the process of creating an illustration or how I move from inspiration to a “finished” image. And as it is the subject, the images first, since they tell better than all the words:


It all starts with this sweet image from Main Sauvage found on Instagram. I liked their eyes and I wanted to draw them.

I started with an yet stylized drawing, but still very inspired by the picture.


Then I tried to move away from the image of the plush to make it a more personal animal and take advantage to further stylize the character of the girl.


Then, I wanted to simplify again, to deliberately make a representation almost childish …


Right now, I really want to collage, to play with this media. So I reinterpreted the above drawing (hence the interest of a very simple drawing) using papers that I had mostly painted or chalked before, in a range of colors I had imagined .



I then tried a watercolor version enhanced with pencil, to see …



And then, I wanted to test the collage on Photoshop. I tried two versions, one on a white background (what I am naturally attracted to) and then on a neutral background.




Satisfied with the result, I published it on my Redbubble shop, here. We can find this digital collage on a clock, travel mugs, notebooks, T-Shirts, but also, of course, nevertheless, in the form of prints, ready to decorate the walls of your home.



Creativity is both very simple and not so simple in reality. It’s a story to follow … I hope you like this post!

See you soon, Mireille

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