Illustrating Children’s Books

Do you remember last year? I had published this post. I wanted to write the story of becoming an artist. I wanted to renew this commitment, write a new story or a new chapter. This is what I wrote (and which sits above my desk):

2017 becoming

So, last week, when I discovered that Lilla Rogers was giving a course dedicated to illustrating children’s books, I did not hesitate long. The timing was not obvious, but my desire to explore this area of expression was too strong. I promised myself not to put myself under pressure and of course, I only manage it moderately, but I appreciate being gently challenged. Lilla is a very pedagogue and knows how to encourage, while pushing to give the best of ourselves. So here I am, registered and ready to embark on the adventure.

Lilla gives us the first mission to choose among three texts the one that speaks to us and on which we will work during the five weeks. I chose to illustrate Junko Tabei‘s story, the first woman to climb Everest in 1975. It is not obvious to illustrate a priori, but there was no doubt for me : I love this story. Like Junko who said she had never questioned the idea of climbing mountains because … she had to climb mountains!


The first week was chaotic for me, having taken the course a little late, when it had already begun. So I did not succeed in posting the first “assignment” on time and promised myself to hang on this second week. This one was devoted to faces and expressions. How to give life to our character, give him emotions. The pages of my sketchbooks were filled with smiles, anger, tears … Then the question came to how to translate this into a publishable work? What technique? What style? I first lamented my lack of everything: time, technique, style, until I said to myself: and if I did with what I know, from where I am, and what I love to do. As I had a lot of fun with my last digital collage, I decided to explore this more. That’s how I wanted to imagine my Junko! I get to work and here is the result …

Illustrating Children's Book

So here it is for today! I’m looking forward to share some of this adventure with you! Mireille

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