Illustrating Children’s Books

I’ve already talked about it here and here, I have taken an online course in a class given by Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker on Make Art That Sells. It was five very intensive but exciting weeks. A very full course, talented teachers, generous in their teaching: I think I loved everything about it. Personal circumstances did not allow me to commit as much as I would have liked and I will continue to deepen the teaching given in the coming weeks or even months. I would like to take full advantage of it, as it’s a library of informations. So I’ve chosen to focus on the essential: the drawing and the realization of the weekly “assignment” or successively: faces-expressions, poses, environment and cover. I have learned to go through a process, to tackle a long project with several steps at the key, to go one step at a time, without being overwhelmed by the extent of the task. I also learned to “declare myself satisfied”, which is to produce a result within the set deadlines and put aside my internal perfectionist!


It all starts with researches on the net, printing a few reference photos and a few sketches and ideas thrown on paper.


First character’s sketches 


Digital translation of the previous sketches.


Expressions and emotions explorations. 


Page of different poses


A double page to present the environment. I chose the passage when Junko had a revelation during an outing with her school on Mount Nasu. Since that time, she wanted to be a mountaineer! And she will become the first woman to climb Everest.

To realize this double page, I explored a technique that I like very much: the digital collage, from different elements of my sketchbook. I did not aim to realistically represent the landscape, but just to evoke a joyful, peaceful and luminous place.


And last, two versions of the cover I imagined … I could not choose one or the other, so … I did not choose!

Voilà! Have a nice week, filled with happy inspirations! Mireille

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