Here is quite a different post as usual! In this beginning of the year, it seems that my creative passions distract me from my illustrations. Not totally, but a little bit, yes. And as always, these developments are very organic, they happen almost by surprise. At the end of last year, after a particularly depressing shopping session, I had a crazy idea: what if I sewed my wardrobe? This is my reaction to a “prêt à porter” that does not suit the few pounds taken in recent months.
For those who have known me for long enough, I have already sewed a lot in a period of my life, before going into illustration. I created original t-shirts that I sold on my Etsy shop or in shops in my neighborhood. Without much sewing for me, I still have a basic knowledge that probably allowed this idea to germinate in my mind.
This project has come a long way in me, but I realize that it requires more time and attention than I imagined. Which makes me less productive in my collages and my other illustrations. I initially resisted a little, tried to make everything, but I came to the conclusion that I wanted to put the priority on this project of sewing, that it is part of a wider process of self-acceptance, a way to take care of myself. Feeling good about clothes you like is a nice way to do it. In addition, the gardening season begins soon and I have the plan to plant a whole plot of cut flowers. My practice of drawing and collage will therefore be less intensive in the coming weeks, but I know that I will come back to it. I have often seen this flow in my passions coming and going, but never far away or for very long. They are as life, always changing and moving. And that’s fine. This is also what makes them beautiful and unique, because they’re alive.
Another passion, which is very constant, is to document my life. I like this way of following the things that are important to me, in the form of photos or texts. It’s something that has become very natural, almost second nature with time. And I like this little space on the web to share a little of what I like and that we have so little opportunity to share in real life.
Will you follow me? I would like it!
See you soon, Mireille

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