After taking Nate Padawick’s class  (the co-founder, along with his sister Salli Swindell, of the mapmaking community website called They Draw & Travel) at Sketchbook Skool, I’ve decided to give this project of mapping a try with my own town : Neuchâtel. And I loved it! It’s such a fun way to think about your home town! It would not surprise me that this would be the first, but not the last map I draw. If you want to be able to see more details, go here. You can find it in my Redbubble’s shop.

By the way, as we are at the beginning of summer and as many of you will go on holiday, I invite you to go have a look on They Draw & Travel to see if there is not a map about your destination. These maps, if they do not always allow to find ones way, give on the other hand an engaging overview and are very friendly.

Beautiful summer to each of you!

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